Active Shooter Reponse Training

As part of our continued effort to enhance the safety and security of our insured locations, the Office of Risk Management and Ratio Risk Services have partnered with Synergy 911, a training and education company, to provide private active shooter response training for parish and school communities as well as institutions.

The 3-4 hour training session is specifically tailored for Catholic organizations. The training includes practical hands-on scenarios in a range of settings with the goal of enhancing adaptability and critical thinking in emergency situations. All of Synergy’s facilitator’s are law enforcement and crisis management professionals with years of on-the-ground experience.

Our partnership with Synergy means we can offer this training to our participants at a discounted rate. For more information on pricing and to set up a training session, please contact Doreen Rearden at 617-833-0811.

About Synergy 911

Founded in 2001, Synergy 911 provides real-world emergency response training to hundreds of schools, worship communities, hospitals, and private businesses. The Synergy team collectively has over 150 years of response and management training in the areas of law enforcement and crisis management. Synergy’s collaboration with Ratio Risk Services, RCAB’s risk management servicing company, has resulted in the training of hundreds of school and parish faculty, staff and volunteers.


“The presenters were excellent. They helped keep us engaged and were patient and kind when presenting a potentially upsetting topic.”

“My biggest takeaway is the resources I now have to protect my classroom. I am happy they had us practice a barricade, because this is something I never would have known to do.”

“The presenters were very empathetic to the emotions and concerns a teacher would have during such an event. They spoke to us as real people... I felt more comfortable talking to them about a very uncomfortable subject.”

“All the instructors were able to explain different scenarios and how to problem solve. They made me feel like I could come up with ways to protect myself and my students.”