Parish Use Forms

pouring wine Many pastors allow non-parish groups to utilize space in parish buildings, either as a source of revenue for the parish or as a way to aid outside organizations that lack meeting space.

The ORM encourages pastors and parish councils to be innovative with the space provided in a parish. In order to ensure the safety of the groups involved and to protect the parish from liability, there are certain steps a pastor should take when allowing non-parish groups to use parish premises. Please see: Non-Parish Use of Parish Premises


Host Liquor Liability Form Please note: Use this form only if your parish is serving alcohol at a parish-sponsored event and you need to add this coverage. If you are serving alcohol and your city or town requires evidence of insurance to issue a permit for a one-day host liquor license, then you will need to request a General Liability Certificate of Insurance (see tabs to the left).

Parish Premises Use Agreement

Sample Letter From Pastor - Parish Use