Workers' Compensation for Institutions

Workers’ Compensation pays the medical expenses and lost wages for employees injured while in the course and scope of their employment. This coverage is regulated by each state, and injured employees are compensated according to established schedules and percentages of ordinary wages. In addition, medical expenses are paid and disputes are adjudicated through hearing officers rather than the court system.

Our Workers’ Compensation protection is provided through the Massachusetts Catholic Self-Insurance Group, Inc. (MCSIG). Participation in the Workers’ Compensation program as a member of the MCSIG entitles the institution to be eligible to receive dividends and obtain access to a broad range of loss control services provided at no additional cost.

The coverage provided through the MCSIG meets all Commonwealth of Massachusetts statutory requirements and also includes Employers Liability Coverage of $1 million.

In addition, participation eliminates the need for Workers’ Compensation bonds to the Commonwealth, claims are overseen by the Office of Risk Management Claims Manager, and employees are given access to such programs as the Best Doctors service, the Occupational Health Institute, and pharmacy benefit cards for direct billing of prescriptions.

The MCSIG provides a broad range of loss control services to our healthcare participants, at no additional cost. Regular training programs are brought to the healthcare facilities and include such topics as patient lifting and handling, violent situation training, needle stick prevention and protocol, ergonomic reviews and consults, and return to work programs.

After a five day waiting period, Workers’ Compensation coverage compensates injured employees for 60% of their gross wages while they are unable to work. This coverage also pays necessary and reasonable medical expenses related to the injury.