Parish Property Coverage

Parish Property insurance covers any parish-owned building, such as the church, rectory, parish center, school, convent and garage. It also covers any parish-owned contents. Property insurance covers damages resulting from fire, leaking roofs, burst water pipes, lightening, vandalism, and vehicular accidents. 

Although this is “all risk” coverage and protection, there are exclusions in the policy, which means that certain damages may not be covered by the Property insurance program. The most common exclusions are from damages resulting from deterioration, corrosion, wear and tear, and insect infestation.

The parish has a $500 deductible on Property losses.

Any questions should be directed to the Claims Manager.

In the event of a loss, please see the Claims tab on the left. 

To submit a claim, please go to the Forms tab on the left to download the necessary forms.

Theft Coverage

This policy covers the theft of parish-owned articles from the premises, such as statuary or religious items or school equipment. 

The parish has a $250 deductible for losses due to theft. 

Upon a theft occurring, immediately notify the police and the Claims Manager.