Risk Management Services

The RCAB Office of Risk Management provides insurance, loss protection and claims management to our program participants and employees.  In addition to these services, which are detailed in the Parishes and Institutions links, we also provide the following:

  • Operational and facility life safety, liability, and structural inspections and exposure analysis
  • Acquisition or “new operations” enterprise-wide risk management review and evaluation
  • Employment practices liability “Support and Consult” teams for consulting and analysis in employment practices and incidents that may give rise to litigation, such as disciplinary action, firing, and harassment.
  • Crisis management response teams, planning assistance and support
  • Operationally specific loss control analysis and training, such as:
        • violent situation training
        • patient handling training
        • ergonomic evaluations
        • engineering consultations
  • Driver safety training programs
  • Statistical claims reports
  • Senior management and board presentations relative to program protections and the participant’s unique needs, concerns and risks
  • Claim and incident investigations, including claim and litigation management and support for claims that the participant may wish to pursue against other entities and their insurers
  • Negotiation and purchase of unique or unusual insurance protection (bonds, etc.)

Under most circumstances, these services are provided to our participants at no cost. Please contact the Director of Risk Management for more details.