Risk Management Services for Institutions

The most effective way to mitigate the costs and exposures of a large risk management and insurance program is by maintaining a high quality loss control program along with relevant risk management services. In order to provide the highest value to our institutional participants, the Office of Risk Management provides a broad range of such services, both on-site and off-site. We are usually able to provide these services at no additional cost to the institution.

These services are designed to mitigate the risks to the institution’s operations while reducing the overall program loss and expense costs. The following list represents our standard services, along with some of the most frequently requested ones:

On-site “walk-throughs” conducted by ORM staff to provide a broad view of any risks that may be present in the institution’s operations, and may provide information relative to safety issues, building condition and hazard risks, security risk, and operational risk.

Crisis Response Teams to provide specialized support in crisis management and communications, including

      • risk management and claims support
      • legal counsel
      • internal and external communications advice and support
      • other expertise as the circumstance requires

Claims and litigation management and representation, including subrogation support and pursuit.

New operations or acquisitions risk management review, inspections and analysis.

Specialized loss control training and support in areas such as ergonomics, security and compliance.

Driver license record checks (discounted fees).

Driver training programs, including high occupancy vehicle driver training.

Data breach prevention and recovery services.

Safe food handling certification programs (may have an additional cost).

High-risk equipment operation safety training, such as scissor lift training.

CPR and AED (Automatic Electronic Defibrillator) training.

Building envelope and engineering inspections, including:

      • providing a review of the building’s deferred maintenance
      • obtaining updated engineering information
      • identifying potential risks related to building structural and water-tight integrity.

Emergency response guidelines and training.

Advisory support and standard forms for a variety of situations and events such as field trips, use of property by others, fund raising events and events where alcohol is being served.

Presentations to senior management, Boards of Directors and Boards of Trustees.

Publication of a quarterly risk management newsletter.

Access to a human resource and labor hotline through the A.I.M. Employer Hotline: 866-270-3354.