Guidance on Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings

Guidance on Indoor and Outside Gatherings on Parish Grounds

July 30, 2020

Indoor Gatherings

The following third-party indoor activities are permitted (at the pastor’s discretion, and assuming all MA safety protocols are in place):

  • Red Cross blood drives
  • Municipal voting polling stations

The cleaning and disinfecting of the facilities should be the responsibility of the organization using the facility and not the parish staff. A Use Agreement (consult with the Office of General Counsel) and Certificates of Insurance should be obtained.

Athletic and Sporting Activities

At this time, use of parish facilities by third parties for athletic or sporting activities should not be permitted whether indoors or outdoors.

Small Group Gatherings

Archdiocesan guidelines permit support groups to gather at the discretion of the pastor and if MA Phase 3 Safety Standards are followed:

  • No more than 10 people per gathering
  • No food or drinks allowed
  • Attendees who are not part of the same immediate household must be seated at least 6 feet apart
  • Face masks must be worn
  • Signs must be posted reminding attendees of social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, and staying home if feeling ill
  • Gathering outside the parish (for example, for smoking breaks) is prohibited
  • Group organizer is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting before and after the meeting according to CDC protocols

Other small group gatherings, such as bible studies, book clubs, etc. are encouraged to meet virtually.

Staying Home If Ill

For any gathering, organizers must remind participants of the importance of staying home if they exhibit any signs of illness.

If a Participant is Diagnosed with COVID-19

If a participant later informs the group organizer that he or she tested positive for COVID-19, the group organizer should:

  • Contact the Covid-19 team:; hotline: 617-746-5750
  • Inform the other participants who were present at the gathering. At the very least, participants should be told to monitor their own health, and if they show any symptoms, contact their own physicians
  • Inform the local Department of Health

Outside Gatherings

Outside gatherings are permitted, at the discretion of the pastor and assuming MA safety protocols are followed. Outdoor gatherings are to be limited to 50 or fewer people.

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