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Red Zones (High Risk) Update

November 10, 2020
The State of Massachusetts has changed the way in which community level data is assessed.  The red/yellow/green/gray designations are now based on multiple data points and community size.
This change has significantly reduced the number of “red zone” communities in the Archdiocese of Boston.
Our protocols for red zone communities continue in place: temperatures to be taken for all indoor Masses, strict lists kept for all Masses, no in-person faith formation and no other small group meetings, except for limited twelve-step groups (and those only if the pastor is comfortable doing so).
This data is not currently collected in a map – instead, here is a link to the list for this week:
It appears that the data will be released on Friday afternoons from now on.  We will get you the list as soon as we can, or you can monitor the State site on your own.  We know that the Friday afternoon data release is particularly inconvenient for parishes, but we cannot control that.
While there are fewer communities in the red zone, it should be noted that this is a change in the designation, not a change in the spread of the virus – the number of new cases continues to climb across the State.  Therefore, all parishes, no matter what the color of their zone, should continue to exercise maximum caution during these days.  This includes the wearing of masks (covering both the mouth and the nose), strict social distancing, close attention to ventilation, and the sanitizing of the church after each use.
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