Easter Vigil News

Updated February 13, 2021
  • If a parish is celebrating the Easter Vigil outside, Cardinal Sean has given permission for that celebration to begin at 4:00PM. Otherwise, the celebration should begin no earlier than 7:41PM.
  • If there is an outside fire with people around it, the people should be strictly distanced.
  • Congregational tapers are not recommended, as blowing them out is impossible with a mask.
  • The length of the liturgy should be considered in choosing the number of readings.
  • See #23 in the Easter Vigil rubrics, which may work well for you this year: “In place of the responsorial psalm, a period of sacred silence may be observed, in which case the pause after ‘Let us pray’ is omitted.”
  • If catechumens and candidates are being received into the church and are going to be Confirmed, the celebrant should do that safely, checking with his Regional Bishop or Episcopal Vicar if there are any questions.
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