Webinar on Pandemic Response & Parish Considerations 4.27

COVID-19: Webinar for Priests, Business Managers, Deacons, Parish Staff, and Parish and Finance Councils

On April 27, the Cardinal and members of the COVID-19 Recovery Team hosted a webinar for priests, business managers, deacons and parish staff as well as parish and finance councils. This session was an opportunity to discuss the Archdiocese response to the COVID-19 and the impact the pandemic has had on our parishes now and in the future.
The objective was to review some of the preliminary remedies and steps we are taking to address the immediate challenges we face in our parishes. The group also reviewed potential avenues we are considering in assessing how, working together, we can sustain and strengthen parish life and ministry in what will certainly be challenging days, weeks, months and years ahead.
The Cardinal is confident that we will emerge from this crisis stronger as a Church and as a society because of our faith and the resiliency and dedication of our priests, deacons, religious and laity. He recognizes the great burden parishes are facing each day and wants to reassure you and your parish of his support and his prayers for all you do each day for the people of God.
This session is one of many we are planning with priests, parish and school leadership/councils and staff in the weeks ahead. These are essential for coordinating and collaborating on plans to restart our liturgical and programmatic ministries when it is safe to do so.

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