August 2021 COVID-19 Update

As of August 2021, there are no restrictions from the archdiocese on parish activities at this time, in accordance with the state reopening protocols issued on May 29, 2021. Parish life and formation activities may continue and pastors are encouraged to introduce or recommend precautionary measures when they deem it appropriate to do so, as conditions vary from town to town across the archdiocese.
In light of concerns regarding the spread of the Delta variant and increasing numbers of infections, pastors are encouraged to provide space in the church, and information as to its location, that will accommodate their parishioners who need or wish to mask and maintain safe distance from others at Mass. Those who wish to wear masks should be made to feel welcome and comfortable participating in parish activities. Masks are a recommended means of reducing the spread of the virus, especially for those who are at greater risk, unvaccinated, and those regularly in the presence of people in either group. Please see the Department of Public Health’s mask advisory from July 30 for more information.
Please keep in mind that parishioners may see different protocols between nearby parishes.
The archdiocese continues to monitor changing guidance from the state and federal government and information related to the course of the pandemic. Parishes should continue to follow any federal, state, or local mandates or guidelines that apply to them and their locations.
Please direct questions to and