COVID-19 FAQs for Parishes

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us via email or phone:

Tel: 617-746-5750

Is the Cardinal asking us to pay people their full pay regardless of hours actually worked or just for hours actually worked?

The individual should be paid either scheduled hours as stated in the payroll system or regular hours up to 40 per week through the April 3rd pay date.

Do you recommend paying musicians who are not salaried but rather paid on a per Mass basis?

The guidance provided applies to all employees, whether they are part time, full time or paid according to a per diem rate such as per Mass for some organists and cantors. They should be paid either scheduled hours as stated in your payroll system or regular hours up to 40 per week. What the employee would have “normally” been paid. Is the expectation that part-time employees such as those in Afterschool programs and cafe workers continue to be paid even though these employees are not able to work remotely due to their job functions. RCAB is asking that we pay all employees through the April 3, 2020 payroll.

If we have no cash to pay utilities or payroll, do we close our doors?

If you do not have the funds available to meet payroll or operating expenses, please contact your Parish Services Consultant as soon as possible. We will be working through each parish and school situation on a case-by-case basis to evaluate options for addressing cash shortfalls.

Can I request the Archdiocese not pull the funds for the BAS Bill (benefits, insurances, tithe) until further notice.

We are also looking at options to lower the monthly charges associated with lay benefits and insurances (workers’ compensation, property, auto, etc.) to reduce costs for parishes, schools and employees to help alleviate the financial hardship our parishes and schools are facing. We are actively working with our Boards of Trustees on the necessary steps to move these options forward. The billing for insurance and benefits will continue to occur. The benefit and insurance trusts need to be able to continue to provide coverage for employees (such as medical coverage if they contract the Corona virus, prescriptions to control diabetes and high blood pressure, or if family members need surgery, etc.) and coverage to protect physical property (such as fire and flood insurance for parish and school buildings and vehicles). Without the funds being paid into the trusts, there will be insufficient resources to pay claims to hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies, and to pay premiums to protect parishes and schools from devastating losses related to weather-related damage, for example. For the medical and dental plans, most employees are contributing to the coverage through payroll deductions. These contributions must be forwarded to the applicable benefit trust to maintain compliance with Massachusetts law.

For revolving loan, can we still get funds, and how quickly will we receive them?

Funds will be available the next business day. The restriction to have your transfer request in by 11:00 a.m. has been temporarily lifted. A reply email will be sent after the account has been verified.

Can I send multiple savings account requests in one email?

Yes, you can list multiple accounts in a single request.

Did you get the fax I sent to withdraw funds from my Revolving Loan Savings Account?

We are trying to set up a system to handle all requests in the event we are not in the office. Please send your request to

Who should I call if I need a loan?

Please call your Parish Services Consultant.

If funds are needed from CIF and deadline for the first of the month is the 15th of the previous month, what should we do?

Unfortunately, the guidelines need to remain unchanged. The finance department needs this time to access the funds in the various investments. I would encourage using any unrestricted funds in RCAB savings first.

Revolving Loan Fund Information

In order to ensure processing of RLF funding requests in a timely fashion in the event that the RLF team must work offsite due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that you refrain from sending RLF ACH/wire request forms via fax. Going forward, please attach a scanned copy of the completed form to an email and send to: If you’re unable to attach a scanned copy, include all pertinent information from the request form in the body of an email. The Pastor and/or Administrator must be copied on the email. After information is validated by the RLF team, there will be a confirmation reply sent back to you. Please remember that all requests must be received by 11am for next day ACH into your respective accounts.

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