For Parishes in the red zone, only Mass and other worship services are allowed – no indoor meetings and no in-person faith formation is permitted.

Indoor/Outside Gatherings

Guidance on Indoor and Outside Gatherings on Parish Grounds

December 26, 2020

Small Group Indoor Gatherings

Small groups (ten persons and under, with no more than 8 people per 1000 square feet of space) may gather in parish spaces if necessary.

All of the safety protocols in place for Masses must be respected. All participants must wear masks.

    • All participants must maintain six feet of distance.
    • Proper ventilation is required.
    • The distribution of food is not allowed.
    • The area must be sanitized after the meeting.

If a parish is in the red zone, small group gatherings are not allowed.

Athletic and Sporting Activities

At this time, use of parish facilities by third parties for athletic or sporting activities should not be permitted whether indoors or outdoors.

Staying Home If Ill

For any gathering, organizers must remind participants of the importance of staying home if they exhibit any signs of illness.

If a Participant is Diagnosed with COVID-19

If a participant later informs the group organizer that he or she tested positive for COVID-19, the group organizer should:

  • Contact the Covid-19 team:; hotline: 617-746-5750
  • Inform the other participants who were present at the gathering. At the very least, participants should be told to monitor their own health, and if they show any symptoms, contact their own physicians
  • Inform the local Department of Health

Outside Gatherings (Not Masses)

For non-Mass outside gatherings, groups of up to 25 may gather outside:

  • All participants must wear masks
  • All participants must maintain six feet of distance.
  • The distribution of food is not allowed.

Outside Masses

The protocols for indoor Masses also apply to outdoor Masses, with the following exceptions:

  • If attendees remain in the cars, they do not need to wear masks while they are in their cars. When the priest or minister comes to give them Communion, they must put on a mask.
  • Taking temperatures outdoors can be unreliable, and therefore temperatures do not need to be taken for outdoor Masses.