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Pastoral Center Re-opens March 19

Pastoral Center Re-opens March 19

The Pastoral Center will re-open on Thursday, March 19. However, all are encouraged to take steps to work from home. The building will be open to staff only if you need to obtain necessary files or equipment, or if you serve a critical job function that requires you to be in the building. Otherwise, as recommended by the CDC, MDPH and the Governor, in order to minimize the potential exposure to and transmission of COVID-19, please work remotely from home until further notice.

Only staff may utilize the building; the building is closed to the general public. No outside meetings are permitted in the Pastoral Center until further notice.

Please remember: if you are in self quarantine, do not enter the building under any circumstances until the 14-day quarantine period has expired. Once the quarantine has expired, contact HR and your supervisor before returning.

Procedures for Taking Home Files and Documents

As many of you may be working from home you may feel you need to take a file or document home. If you feel you must take a file or document home, please utilize a Document Log to keep track of the files and documents you take. Please obtain your supervisor’s approval on all documents and files you take out of the office. You should only take materials that are absolutely necessary for you to perform your work.

In addition, please remember to treat any material you take home as confidential. We need to be aware of privacy issues and legal issues related to documents and data security.

Update on the Crypto Virus

The crypto virus attack that occurred on March 13 impacted a significant number of department files. We are pleased to report that our IT department has rectified the situation – files have been restored and most of the desk top computers and laptops have been inspected.

If your computer has a green notice attached to it, you may go ahead and log in. If your computer has a red notice or no notice at all, please check in with IT before turning on and logging in.

Update on Cleaning the Facility

We have performed a thorough industrial cleaning of all Pastoral Center offices, common areas, and the cafeteria. The cleaning will be complete by the end of day March 18.

We would like to remind all of those who return to work to follow the basic CDC guidelines of good hygiene:

  • Frequent hand washing (using hand sanitizers with 60% alcohol when soap and water are unavailable)
  • Protecting your coughs and sneezes with tissues disposed of immediately, or coughing into your elbow if tissues are not available
  • Cleaning and disinfecting commonly used surfaces often
  • Avoiding contact with people who are ill, if possible
  • Maintaining a distance of six feet from others

Please note: If you feel ill for any reason, please stay home.

Please contact your immediate supervisor if you have questions about any of the above.