Phase I Re-Opening Parish Offices

Effective May 26, 2020

Offices should open only if parish administrator feels comfortable and confident about opening.

Who should return to the office?

  • Workers must continue to telework if feasible
  • Only essential workers should return to the office
  • Workers must stay home if feeling ill
  • Staff or volunteers exposed to anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 must stay at home and self monitor for 14 days (
  • Vulnerable individuals are encouraged to stay home
  • Parish occupancy is limited to 25% of certified occupancy

Social distancing, PPE, and cleaning requirements

  • Physical distancing of a minimum of six feet is required
  • The parish should assess and modify the office environment in order to ensure proper social distancing for those on site, including marked traffic flow paths to limit exposure
  • Consideration should be given to staggered or alternating workdays or hours, re-assigned desks or workstation locations
  • Masks will be worn by all staff and volunteers
  • Enhanced, frequent cleaning protocols should be maintained
  • Limit visitors where feasible
  • Common areas should be closed off
  • Signs are to be posted on the exterior and interior advising people of the mask and distancing requirements, as well as any new or “one way” entry/exit and traffic flow requirements

Signage and checklist

  • Parish office must display signage:
    • Attesting that they have a COVID-19 plan
    • Describing practices for social distancing, hygiene, cleaning
  • Parish office must complete the MA DPH Checklist

If staff or volunteer has COVID-19 symptoms or tests positive


  • Non-essential travel is prohibited
  • No camps, field trips, youth group or service trips
  • No sporting events