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Parish Guidelines

Summary of Updated Protocols for Parishes

Directives are updated frequently; we are in the process of streamlining and organizing this information. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please call the COVID hotline: 617-746-5750.

Protocols for Parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston

A Message for Parishes in High Risk Areas

Other Parish-Related Information

Communion to the Homebound

What to Do if You Receive a Report of a COVID-19 Diagnosis

School Use of Parish Facilities

Anointing of the Sick and Clergy Ministering to COVID-19 Patients

Maintaining a List for All Masses and Funerals for Contact Tracing

Dispensation from Mass

Temperature Taking Recommendation

Managing the Attendance Requirement – Online Resources (PDF)

Offertory Guidelines

Food Pantry Guidelines

Support Groups

Parish Offices

Webinar Materials Regarding Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Benefits for Staff Lost Time/Pay Due to COVID

Cleaning and Resources

Guidance on Cleaning

How to Clean Your Parish Pews Video

Equipment and Supplies

Signage Order Form

COVID-Related Webinars

The Archdiocese of Boston’s main website has a repository of all the webinars related to COVID-19, including ones that address the re-opening process. Access the page HERE.

COVID Email and Hotline

If you have any questions, please contact the COVID team via email: corona@rcab.org or phone: COVID-19 Hotline: 617-746-5750

Liturgical/Pastoral Questions

If your liturgical or pastoral issues have not been answered, you can reach out to the Office of Lifelong Faith Formation and Parish Support, through your evangelization consultant.

Their contact information:

Merrimack Region: Rosemary Maffei, rmaffei@rcab.org

North Region: Chris Donoghue, cdonoghue@rcab.org

Central Region: Mike Drahos, mdrahos@rcab.org

West Region: Melissa Kalpakgian, mkalpakgian@rcab.org

South Region: Tom Lyman, tlyman@rcab.org

For ethnic communities:

General: Natalia Pellicano npellicano@rcab.org

Hispanic Communities: Sister Elsa Narvaez Rodrigues HMP narvae_e@rcab.org

Portuguese Speaking Communities: Jamille Lima Pandolfo jpandolfo@rcab.org

Black Catholic & Haitian Communities: Lorna Des Roses  ldesrose@rcab.org