Cares Act / PPP Info

February 2021 Webinar

PPP Loan Forgiveness Webinar

June 26/29, 2020 Webinar

Restructuring Considerations Post-PPP Loans

June 29 Webinar Link

Presentation: Restructuring Considerations

SBA PPP Loans FAQ’s – Updated 07-02-20

Estimating Payroll Costs for PPP Purposes

SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator – Form EZ

SBA PPP Non-Payroll Costs Tracker

Budgeting and Staffing – HR and Benefits FAQs

Staff Reduction Guidance – Chart Form Updated 6-30-20

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance FAQs

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance One Page FYI – For Employees

Sample Letter – Permanent Layoff/Reduction in Hours + PUA Information

Sample Letter – Temporary Layoff/Reduction in Hours + PUA Information

May 8/May 11 Webinar

Prime Pay Presents Setting up PPP Funds for Recurring Purposes/Review of Partial PPP Fund Setup

May 8 Webinar Link

Setting up Salaried Employees + Priests with PPP Earnings Code in Prime Pay_ 5-6-20

Sample letter to employees laid off PPP loan fund 5-4-20

Presentation_PPP Payroll Processing Instructions and Guidance

Info and Instructions on Vacation Sick Administration During PPP Loan Proceed Period

April 28/29 Webinar

Guidance on Accounting for PPP Loans + Initial Guidance: Using PPP Codes in Prime Pay

April 28 Webinar Link 

Documents Related to the April 28/29 Webinar

Presentation Accounting for Your PPP Loan + Payroll Info updated, 4.28.2020

RCAB Guidance on Returning Individuals to Full Payroll Following Receipt of PPP Loan Proceeds, 4-26-20

Recording SBA Loan Memo 04.28.20

April 23 Webinar

Staffing Decisions and Use of PPP Funds

To view the April 23 Webinar, go here: