Vaccination Clinics

Download a PDF of the information below: COVID Vaccination Site Checklist and License Agreement for Parishes

Hosting a Vaccination Clinic

If your parish is considering volunteering its premises as a COVID-1 vaccination site, the following information should be obtained:

  • Frequency of use and timeframe (One-time event, weekly, etc.)
  • Name of entity or organization who will be administering vaccines (local health department, pharmacy, company)
  • Local health department requirements for the site (handicap accessible, etc.)
  • Number of people they anticipate 1.) being on the premises and 2.) being inside the building at any one time
  • Name and contact of company/individual who will be providing logistical support, such as attendance, signage, and traffic control
  • Contact information for public inquiries (post on parish website). Include a prominent disclosure that the parish is not responsible for scheduling or access to vaccinations.
  • Name of entity responsible for providing the cleaning and disinfecting services

After you have obatined the above information, assess the space to ensure it is appropriate for this use. Ask the following: Is it large enough and does it meet health department criteria? Does it require specific refridgeration equipment? Is the space used for other purposes? In addition, consult with local police department regarding traffic control and premises security.

Obtain the Necessary Documentation

Once it is determined that you would like to go ahead with the vaccination site, obtain the following:

  • A signed COVID Use License if the clinic will take place on more than one date. If the clinic is a one-time event, the parish may use their standard Parish Premises Use Agreement. Agreements need to be obtained by all parties, i.e., the local department of health and the company providing the vaccinations.
  • Certificate of Insurance from all parties involved. This is mandatory. Please see the License Agreement for details.
  • Ensure the Certificate of Insurance is obtained prior to clinic date. This is crucial.
  • Take steps to mitigate any additional exposure to staff and volunteers, such as ensuring separate restroom facilities for clinic attendees as well as a separate entrance and exit, etc.
  • Go to the Office of Risk Management website to report your location as a vaccination site:

Be sure to track and document all expenses associated with the vaccination program as FEMA may reimburse expenses incurred. For more information about the FEMA Public Assistance Program, go to or email