Vicar General Message Regarding Live Streaming/Holy Week Protocols

Vicar General Message Reminder related to Holy Week Protocols and live streaming; Also regarding Ministry Outside the Archdiocese and related letters of good standing
Dear Brothers,
As we approach the Sacred Triduum this week, we do so in a manner we never anticipated on Ash Wednesday. Let us keep one another in our prayers more than ever. It has been heartening to hear how many brother priests have been communicating with one another through electronic media and the old fashion phone call these past few weeks. We all need one another’s support and encouragement more than ever. We are all in the boat and the storm rages around us. However, we know the Lord is with us in these rough seas.
As we approach the Triduum, I would like to remind those of you who will be live streaming Holy Week services of the memo sent out by the Office of Divine Worship on March 25 regarding the protocols for Holy Week. We also must abide by the State of Massachusetts guidelines of a six-foot buffer zone and that no more than ten people be present in the church at any one time.
Wishing you all a most Blessed Holy Week and Easter,
 +Peter J. Uglietto
For the March 25, 2020 directives, please download: March 24 Liturgical Guidelines for Holy Week and Triduum.