Automobile Coverage

Our commercial auto insurance program, currently through Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, is a package program that provides coverage for several different exposures and risks. These include:

  • Physical damage to the automobile, including towing expenses and storage
  • Collision coverage pays for damages to the parish or institution-owned vehicle sustained in an accident. There is a $500 deductible.
  • Comprehensive coverage: damage or loss to the covered vehicle caused by something other than a collision. This would include incidents such as theft, vandalism, and fire. The deductible for comprehensive is $500.
  • Automobile Liability coverage to compensate another party when the operator of the insured vehicle causes an accident resulting in injury or property damage. There is no deductible.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) provides up to $8,000 in medical bills and lost wages to anyone injured while an occupant in the vehicle, or a pedestrian struck by it.

Auto Claims

Even a minor fender bender can be an emotional experience. The Office of Risk Management will provide you with the assistance needed with our quick and easy claims process.

Contact Jane Dempsey at tel: 617-746-5898.

Download the Auto Accident Report Form. This form can be used as a guide for telephone reporting, or it can be completed and faxed to Jane Dempsey at: 617-977-9779.

Be certain to include contact information of any other involved parties or witnesses in your report.

Determine where you want to have your vehicle repaired.

Obtain a copy of the police report.

Note that the insurance deductible for collision and comprehensive losses is $500.

For your reference, you may download our Auto Packet for complete information on what to do in the event of an accident, answers to frequently asked questions, and an accident reporting form.

Auto Registration

How Do I Get My Auto Registration Stamped?

Place your renewal registration form in the mail as soon as you receive it to:

Paul Simpson
10 Berkshire  Avenue
Sharon MA 02067

In the envelope to Willis, include the registration and a check payable to Registry of Motor Vehicles. Willis will stamp the registration and send it and the check on to the registry for processing. The Registry will return the stamped registration and sticker to the Institution.


Call Paul Simpson at 617-351-7477 to confirm the date and time of your visit to his office.

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