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If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please contact our Claims Manager.

I have a new copy machine. The leasing company wants me to purchase insurance. Should I?

You may purchase coverage from our office at a rate that is generally much lower than what the leasing company will charge you. We will issue you a Certificate of Insurance as evidence to show the leasing company. To obtain this insurance and the certificate, fill out our online Property Certificate of Insurance Request Form. When you submit the form, there will be an option to upload an electronic version the lease agreement. Please be sure to include the Insurable Value of the equipment on the form.

Neighbors want to park their cars in our lot on a regular basis. Is this ok?

Yes, but you should take precautions in order to mitigate the potential liability exposure to the parish should a car be damaged or stolen. Having residents or commuters sign a Parish Premises Use Agreement releasing RCAB of all liability is a prudent action and is preferable to a verbal agreement. For more information, contact the Real Estate Department, tel: 617-746-5986.

I think our property is under insured. What should I do?

You may request that an insurance appraisal be performed. Send your request in writing to the Office of Risk Management, 66 Brooks Drive, Braintree, MA 02184, Attention: Manager of Risk Analysis and Reporting.

Does the parish have to pay a deductible when someone else causes the damages?

Yes. When someone else causes damages, such as driving a vehicle through a fence, our Claims Manager places that person’s insurance carrier on notice. To facilitate repairs, our Claims Manager will ask for several proposals and then authorize repairs to be conducted as soon as possible. Payment will then be made to the parish, minus the deductible. Once the work is complete, subrogation against the at-fault party’s insurance carrier will be pursued. Once the money is recovered from the insurance carrier, the parish will be reimbursed the deductible. Please note that if 100% of the money is recovered, the parish will receive 100% of the deductible back. In some instances, only a portion of the money is recovered. For example, if 80% is received from the other carrier, the parish will be reimbursed 80% of the deductible.

What should we do in the event we have a flood or sudden release of water into our building?

Contact a disaster restoration company immediately to conduct water extracting and drying operations. Then report the situation to the Claims Manager. Our office can recommend a disaster restoration company if you do not know of one, or you access our Disaster Restoration Contact List.

Is all property damage covered?

No, there are exclusions on the policy. In general, damage from a fire, flood or severe weather is covered. Damage resulting from corrosion, deterioration, rot and wear-and-tear is not covered.

What type of property is covered under our plan?

Damage to real property and contents owned by the parish, school or institution are covered.

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