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When parents drive their cars on field trips, are they covered by the parish auto insurance policy?

In most states, including Massachusetts, when parents use their own vehicles for authorized school-related activities, their personal automobile liability insurance coverage is primary. RCAB’s Automobile Insurance will provide excess coverage if a claim(s) arising out of an accident exceeds the liability limits of the vehicle owner’s insurance policy.

Please note: All parents and volunteers working with or in the vicinity of children must submit to a CORI check, child protection training, and a review of their valid driver’s license history. Please contact the Office of Background Screening for more information.

We sold our auto and we are still getting billed for insurance what should we do?

Submit a copy of the returned plate receipt and your request to cancel the coverage for that vehicle to the Office of Risk Management, Attention Operations Manager. Or you can fax it to: 617-779-4572.

Our youth group is renting a vehicle and traveling out of state do we need insurance?

In advance of field trips, particularly out of state, the students/parents should be required to complete and sign a Liability Waiver & Medical Authorization Form. In addition, any volunteers, students or employees who will be operating the rental vehicles should provide evidence of a valid driver’s license and a copy of their driver’s license record. The Office of Risk Management can assist with the record checks.

Does our auto policy cover the rental, or do we need to buy the additional coverage?

Our auto policy provides the same coverage for private passenger-type vehicles that is provided to parish vehicles. If the vehicle being rented is a high-occupancy (10-15 passenger) van, you should purchase the supplemental liability insurance from the rental agency.

What do I do if I have a rush request for stamping?

Call Paul Simpson, tel. 617-351-7477, at Willis to confirm the date and time of your visit to our office. Paul will confirm the best place to meet you near Willis’ office. Willis is located at 800 Boylston Street, Suite 600, Boston, MA 02199.

My automobile registration is up for renewal where do I send the registration?

Place your renewal registration form in the mail as soon as you receive it to:

Paul Simpson
10 Berkshire  Avenue
Sharon MA 02067

In the envelope, include the registration and a check payable to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Willis will stamp the registration and send it and the check on to the registry for processing. The Registry will return the stamped registration and sticker to the location.

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