Crisis Management & Response

For any organization, a crisis can come in many shapes and sizes. Advanced planning is key. The more an organization has thought through and prepared for various crisis situations in advance, the more successful the organization will be in managing the crisis. While the first step in preparation is identifying the likely type and cause of potential crises, the Office of Risk Management also provides expert response teams and support for the management and containment of crises after they occur.

Our Crisis Response Teams generally consist of people with expertise in the following areas:

  • Internal and external communications
  • Media/public relations
  • Risk management and analysis
  • Security
  • In the case of property loss or catastrophe, engineering and construction
  • Claims management
  • Legal counsel relevant to the type of crisis

Examples of potential crisis situations include:

  • Catastrophic property loss
  • Electronic or paper data breach (release of employee/parishioner/donor personal info)
  • Catastrophic injury or death
  • High profile litigation
  • Criminal activity by, or indictment of, senior management
  • Financial impropriety or failure of fiduciary responsibility

If you wish to obtain additional crisis management information or services, please contact the Office of Risk Management.