Risk Analysis and Reports

Effective risk management requires continuous monitoring and analysis of the entity: its operations, risks, and losses. The information developed in this monitoring process is then analyzed and used to formulate a strategy designed to mitigate risks, losses, and the impact of future losses. The Office of Risk Management engages in constant monitoring and analysis of all data available in order to provide targeted risk management and loss control services.

The Office of Risk Management maintains a database that captures all loss and claims information generated through each line of protection. The cause of loss is tracked and, where adverse trends are identified, a loss control program and outreach plan are developed to address the trend. Areas of consultation may include, but are not limited to:

  • Operational Risk
  • Liability Risks
  • Life Safety
  • Security
  • Building Envelope Evaluation
  • Auto Risks and Driver Training
  • Fire Protection and Alarm Systems
  • Ergonomic Studies

In addition to routine monitoring and response, we provide risk analysis and consultation for unique circumstances, changes in operations, new ventures, acquisition of high value items or equipment, and other situations. These services may be in response to information received by the Office of Risk Management, or may be offered upon request of the participating location.

When developing risk management and loss control programs, the Office of Risk Management recognizes the unique issues and limitations of Catholic non-profit operations. Please contact the ormlosscontrol@rcab.org with any questions or requests for support.