General Liability FAQ

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please contact our Claims Manager.

Do we cover students on our General Liability policy when we go on field trips?

Yes, however, we require parents or guardians to sign a Liability Waiver & Medical Authorization Form indicating that they understand RCAB’s policy.

We want to run a parish day camp here for the summer do we need a license?

A license may be required from your city or town. You should contact your local municipality to obtain the requirements. While the insurance is already provided, the Office of Risk Management should be notified that the parish is going to operate such a program. In addition, Child Protection Guidelines (CORI check and child protection training) must be adhered to.

A parent wants to run an after school child care program here (or a summer day camp gym class etc.) can they?

It is not appropriate for a parent to operate a childcare program of any kind on parish property, unless it is a school or parish sponsored program. If a parent or parishioner wishes to operate such a program, a formal lease agreement, proper licensing and insurance must be in place. Please contact the Real Estate Office and the Office of Risk Management for assistance with such a request.  The parish can operate or sponsor such a program under the following criteria:

  • All personnel that will be working with, or in the vicinity of, the children must undergo a CORI check and have completed the Protecting God’s Children program.
  • The space occupied by the program must be inspected by the Office of Risk Management and the RCAB Facilities Department to confirm suitability for children.
  • If the parent is not charging for his/her services because this is considered a parish-run event that parishioners will attend and benefit from, such as a Summer Vacation Bible School, then additional insurance is not required. While you will not need extra insurance, you will still need to make sure all adult volunteers have had a CORI check and have completed the Protecting God’s Children program.

An employee has been injured what should I do?

This is a Workers Compensation issue and you need to report the claim immediately. Go to  Workers Compensation Claims  for more info.

How do we obtain a certificate of insurance?

Fill out our online Certificate of Insurance form and hit the submit button. Be prepared to give the following details:

  • Name of your organization
  • Date and description of event
  • Name and address of location requesting the Certificate of Insurance.

The Certificate of Insurance will then be provided to the requestor either by fax, mail, or email. In most cases, there is no additional charge for a Certificate of Insurance.

A parishioner is using our parish hall for an event. They want to serve liquor. Is that ok?

Yes, but the parish will need to request the following from the parishioner:

  1. A liquor license if required by the city or town
  2. A Certificate of Liability Insurance showing evidence of Liquor Liability Insurance
  3. A signed Parish Premises Use Agreement

Please navigate to the Non-Parish Use page of our website for more information.

We want to rent a moon walk for a parish sponsored event. Can we?

Yes, there is coverage for these activities; however, the vendor who owns or supplies these activities should provide the parish with a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming your parish and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston, a Corporation Sole, as additional insured for the scheduled event. The certificate must show evidence that the vendor has General Liability Insurance of at least $1 million dollars, although $2 million dollars is preferred.

A non-parish group wants to use our hall. Is this ok?

Yes, it is common to allow a non-parish group to use parish facilities, but there are certain steps you should take to ensure the safety of all. Please navigate to the Non-Parish Use page of our website for more information.

What should the parish do if served with a lawsuit?

In the event that the parish is served with a Summons and Complaint, a call should immediately be made to our Claims Manager who will request a copy and then assign defense counsel.

Who is covered by our insurance policy when injured on the property?

Any visitor injured at a program participant’s parish, school or institution is covered under the general liability policy. An investigation will be undertaken to determine if there is liability on the part of the parish/school/institution. Employees are covered under workers compensation coverage as long as the injury was sustained during and in the course of their employment.

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