Liquor Liability Coverage

Liquor Liability Protection

This Protection is intended solely to protect the Archdiocese, its parishes and other Catholic organizations that participate in the RCAB insurance program. It covers Liquor Liability exposure for Parish-sponsored events or archdiocesan organization events. If a parish intends to use its facilities for a parish-run function, the charge is $135.00 per event/per day and the parish must notify the Office of Risk Management for each occasion. You may notify us by filling out our FORM or by calling us at 617-746-5745.

This Protection does not apply to any non-parish group or private functions by parishioners or groups of parishioners, such as wedding receptions, baptismal parties, showers, etc.

Liquor Liability for Non-Parish Groups 

If the parish allows a non-parish function to be conducted on its premises, and if liquor is to be sold or distributed, that individual or group must obtain their own Host Liquor Liability coverage and show proof of same to the parish. A Certificate of Insurance naming the parish and the Archbishop of Boston, a Corporation Sole, must be submitted to the parish (and retained for one year in the parish). This Certificate of Insurance should show that groups also have regular Premises Liability Insurance. If the organization cannot obtain this coverage or does not hire a professional bartender or caterer with such coverage, then alcoholic beverages should not be served at the function.

If there is any question on the application of these guidelines, please contact the ORM.


Host Liquor Liability Request

Please note: Use this form only if your parish is serving alcohol at a parish-sponsored event and you need to add this coverage. If you are serving alcohol and your city or town requires evidence of insurance to issue a permit for a one-day host liquor license, then you will need to request a General Liability Certificate of Insurance

Parish Premises Use Agreement

Sample Letter From Pastor – Parish Use

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