Safety & Security

The Office of Risk Management offers unique training programs to enhance the safety and security of our insured locations. We have programs tailored to Catholic parishes, schools, nursing homes and social service agencies.

Parish Safety & Security Program

Our Parish Safety and Security Program is a 4-hour training that walks parish communities through the process of planning for different types of emergency situations. In addition, the program features an active shooter response training portion, which includes hands-on scenarios in a variety of settings.

The program is designed for pastors, parish administrators, business managers, faith formation leaders, catechists and ushers/greeters.

The training includes the following:

  • Designing a preparedness plan for your parish community
  • Conducting a safety self-assessment with the resources you have
  • Creating a culture of safety and awareness among staff and parishioners
  • Hands-On Active Shooter Response Training

We will provide you with a planning template to aid you in the process.

For more information on how to schedule a training, please call Doreen Rearden at 617-833-0811.

School Safety & Security Program

Our School Safety and Security program is a 3-hour training that includes hands-on scenarios in classrooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums. It is designed to provide practical education and training for an emergency response to an active shooter/intruder situation. The training is conducted by law enforcement professionals with SWAT team expertise. Elements include:

  • 60-minute presentation given by an active law enforcement official
  • Several hands-on scenarios directed by law enforcement personnel, allowing participants to become actively engaged in a variety of parish settings, with small groups rotating throughout the facility, followed by de-briefings
  • At least one scenario will include the discharge of a firearm utilizing blanks for the purpose of familiarizing the participants with the sound of gunfire
  • Wrap-up presentation
  • Question and answer session

For more information, contact Doreen Rearden at 617-833-0811.

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