A message to parishes in high risk areas. Read more.

Parishes in High Risk Areas

On August 11, Governor Baker released information, which will be updated on a weekly basis, tracking communities at risk for developing a high incidence of COVID. For a link to a map of those communities, please click here

Four communities in the Archdiocese of Boston are in the high incidence category (red on the map) as of August 11, 2020: Lynn, Revere, Chelsea, and Everett.

Effective immediately, parishes in communities in this category – red on the map – will be required to:

  1. Take the temperature of every attendee as they come to attend all indoor Masses. The infra-red thermometers issued by the Archdiocese, or equivalent devices, should be used.  Any temperature of 100.4 Fahrenheit (38.0 Celsius) or greater is considered to be a fever by the CDC. Temperature checks should be done as discreetly as possible, and in a location where the thermometers and the people using them are not left standing in the sun, which could impact the reading. If someone registers a temperature of 100.4 or greater, please show them the respect of taking them aside and informing them quietly that they have a fever, and that they should contact their physician. Direct them to a side or second door to exit, so that they are not crossing paths with others waiting to be checked. This applies to weekday Masses and funerals and baptisms and other worship events as well.
  2. Registration for Masses is required. Take (and keep for at least fourteen days) a good list of all people who enter the church for Masses (Sunday and weekday), funerals, baptisms, and any other events, for the sake of contact tracing. This applies to outdoor Masses as well.
  3. The current rules for confessions need to be applied strongly – masks, and six feet or more between the confessor and the penitent. Temperature checks and lists should not be taken for confessions.